Memberships are Available!!

Membership in the club is available!  There is a $500 initiation fee with monthly club dues of $75.  Family members and qualified students receive discounted pricing.  See the Training Expenses page for more details.  The club membership includes use of the club gliders, access to aerotow services by the club Pawnee and the priceless experience of meeting other pilots and students of this sport.  The typical charge for an aerotow to 2000′ AGL is $35.  Tow charges are $1.50 per hundred feet of altitude towed plus a $5 hook fee.

We can be found in the skies above Sylacauga and the surrounding area almost any weekend when weather conditions allow for safe flight.  Visitors are welcome to drop in and ask questions or simply observe flight operations on the field.

We have a FAST package for those interested in a demo flight with an instructor or as a trial membership to the club.  The package includes ground school and an introductory 30 minute where you will get some hands-on experience with the controls of one of our two-place gliders.  Click the FAST link for more information about this package. 

Our club promotes flight and ground operations safety above all else.  Our goal is to guide our students with quality instruction and expand each pilot’s abilities and knowledge of soaring in multiple areas, including cross country flight.